Are you thinking of making a will? Why bother? After all, it’s hassle that could last for a whole afternoon – or even more! And, it’ll only become relevant after you’re dead anyway!


Here are five reasons why life’s too short for you to waste it drawing up documents…

1) Your loved ones don’t deserve a free ride.

You have worked hard all your life, so why should your partner, children or other loved ones have it easy after you’ve gone? A Will could reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable after you die – but why make it easy for them? Your estate paying more Inheritance Tax and your loved ones receiving less is sure to teach them a lesson about the value of money. That’s a lesson money can’t buy.

2) The law knows best.

Have you ever complained about an unfair law? Of course you haven’t. The legal system is totally perfect so there’s no need to write a will. Ok, your estranged brother who you haven’t spoken to since you were children may get everything, and your loving partner of 45 years gets nothing…but hey, that’s life.

3) A bit of stress never hurt anyone.

If you die without a Will (ie, if you die intestate), your loved ones will find themselves scrambling to share things out, trying to guess what you would have wanted. Mourning is always difficult and a lengthy, complicated probate process makes it even worse. But it’s a great way to toughen them up and bring the family together. That’ll be good for everyone won’t it?

4) Social Services knows best.

Children from a previous relationship? Unmarried? Kids haven’t turned 18 yet? In all of these situations, things can be made significantly trickier if you don’t appoint a Guardian in your Will. No need to worry, though. The Courts and Social Services can figure out what’s best for your children – that’s what they’re there for isn’t it? After all, everyone loves the twists and turns of a soap opera! Now your family will have the chance to experience one in real life! Your children will have a roof over their head until it’s all sorted……somewhere.

5) There’s nothing as satisfying as giving money to the government.

If you have no close relatives and you don’t make a will, the state could benefit from your estate. But surely that’s not a problem? It’s not your problem to think about your friends, colleagues and loved ones, when you could be lining the government’s pockets to pay for their expenses, for example.