Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

No one really likes to think about the topic of death. It’s not the most sociable subject of general conversation. However, one fact remains. We will all die. Is it really fair to leave your loved ones without certainty and clarity about what should happen to your estate? How would you feel knowing your money ended up where you really didn’t want it to be? It is definitely true to say that if there is a will, there is a way

Affordable Commonsense

With a standard will costing as little as £150, this is little more than a year’s Netflix subscription. Most of your family probably share your Netflix account, so why not let them share your legacy? Your children will not only be provided for, but you can also stipulate who will provide that care by appointing guardians.

If you’re a smoker, then on average, if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, that equals £1500 a year, 10x the cost of a will. The chances are the smoking will diminish your life expectancy anyway, so making a will would seem to be more than a sensible option, wouldn’t you agree?

Having a will is a type of after-death insurance for your nearest and dearest. It is your way of guaranteeing that the right people get the right benefits. You can ensure that your surviving partner is provided for as well as what happens if they remarry. Would you really want your inheritance to pass onto someone you don’t even know? If your partner meets someone new after you die, and they could end up passing your inheritance to them! Even if they did prepare a will to avoid this, it may be out of their hands if they divorce or separate!

If your partner needed Local Authority Funded care after you’ve gone – do you really want your hard-earned money to be used for this? Care fees are around £1,000 per week. Do you not think the cost of a will would be good value for money?

Why Do We Delay Making Our Wills?

A recent survey discovered that the average age that people write a will is 47. That doesn’t sound too bad. However, the same survey also discovered that just over 60% of people surveyed had no will at all! A common reason was the feeling that they had nothing worth passing down. However, would you really want your hard-earned cash going to care fees on your death? Dying without a Will would create confusion, uncertainty and possibly even mayhem for those left behind.

We only put off writing a will because it makes us confront our own mortality. Rather than see this as a negative thing why not take charge of the situation? Look at it as a straightforward procedure, just like making a weekly shopping list or planning next year’s holidays. Preparation is the key to make sure that your money ends up where you want it to be.

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