Ensuring somebody of your choosing is able to manage your affairs if you become incapable of managing them yourself.

If you were unable to manage your financial affairs or look after yourself, your family could be left with an expensive, stressful and time consuming process to allow them to deal with your affairs. Somebody would need to apply to the Court of Protection to get permission to do this on your behalf. This process can take over 6 months and can cost in excess of a few thousand pounds – and that is if there are no disputes! And they may need to keep going back to the Court more than once with each subsequent Court fee being £400 – excluding any Solicitor’s cost

This can be avoided by preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney in advance and choosing the people you want to act for you; people you trust. There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney –  One for your “Property & Financial Affairs” and one that deals with your “Health & Welfare”. Both are equally important, but deal with different aspects of your life.

Choosing your ‘attorneys’ in advance gives you the peace of mind that you have chosen the people to make the decisions on your behalf, not the Courts. This can be to manage your financial affairs, or even to decide upon life sustaining treatment. Clearly this is a very important decision, which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Contact me to help you through this process. I will see you as many times as is necessary to ensure that you are happy with your decision – all at a fixed price.

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Why Make A Lasting Power of Attorney