How does a Lasting Power of Attorney work?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) gives you (the ‘Donor’) the opportunity to choose who would manage your affairs, such as health, welfare, property and finances, if you are unable to. For example, after a major accident or illness that resulted in you not having the mental capacity to do so (the ability to make [...]

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Can a Will beneficiary be an executor?

There is often this misconception that a Will beneficiary can’t be an executor and vice versa. A Will beneficiary can indeed be an executor and vice versa, however, bear in mind that he or she cannot witness as they will not be entitled to receive what has been left to them under the terms of [...]

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Lasting Powers of Attorneys – Refund of Registration fees

If you prepared and registered your Lasting Powers of Attorney between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2017, then you should be able to claim a refund of up to £54 per Lasting Power of Attorney. This is in addition to interest at 0.5% since the date you paid. The Office of the Public Guardian [...]

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Can having a Will avoid Probate?

The term ‘Probate’ can mean a number of things, but for the purposes of this article, I will take it to mean the process to apply for a Grant of Probate, the document required to deal with a deceased person’s assets. The quick and easy answer to whether having a Will can avoid the Probate [...]

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