What You Should Not Put In Your Will

When you prepare a Will, it is important to note not every asset can, or should, be passed on. This post explores what you cannot put in your Will, so you can avoid any expensive mistakes. Assets in a Trust In a trust, the trustees take legal ownership of any named assets. These assets [...]

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Do Wills Have To Be Registered?

When you draw up a will, it's essential to keep it in a safe place. But many people wonder if it's necessary to have the will registered as well. This post answers that question, whilst exploring the consequences of whatever action you take. Is Registration Compulsory? The first thing to state is that will [...]

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Can A Will Be Contested?

When a person dies, family and friends want to know how that person’s estate will be divided up. But what if these loved ones aren't happy with the will’s terms? Or the circumstances surrounding its creation? This post answers the question 'can a will be contested?' Yes, you can contest a will. For the [...]

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How Long Does A Lasting Power of Attorney Last?

When an individual (known as a donor) gives authority to another person to make decisions about their welfare and/or financial matters, this is correctly done through a Power of Attorney. The two main types are: General (or Ordinary) Power of Attorney; or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). I will discuss the General Power of [...]

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Most parents want to give their children, or other close relatives, the best start in life. As such, many may consider leaving gifts to these people. This could be specific items, or sums of money - legacies. But some people prefer to put an age stipulation on when the beneficiary can receive this legacy. Here, [...]

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For something as important as making a will, there are many incorrect misconceptions around it. Wills, in fact, are often greatly misunderstood when you go beyond the basics of what they do. While many people know how important it is to have one in place, not everyone knows about them in detail. This is [...]

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